To prepare coconut milk


Coconut milk is commonly used as a base in cooking coastal dishes .It smells and tastes really nice.  In my future blog posts, I’m definitely going to mention it because girl, I never cook without my coconut milk. Well it’s my little kitchen obsession. I mentioned in my Food Love post, I will mainly concentrate on coastal dishes, plus a few upcountry dishes I’ve had the pleasure of learning to cook.
Preparing coconut milk takes time, therefore it’s wise to make some beforehand because it can be a little time consuming especially if you have to prepare some food really fast. It’s good to be prepared.

What you need
• A coconut; Fresh / Shredded / Dessicated
• A cup
• Hard surface / stone / hammer
• Cheesecloth
• Water
• Grater

• Break open the coconut by striking it on the hard surface repeatedly until it opens.

• Grate the coconut flesh (the white stuff) and soak it in hot water .Leave to stand for about 15 minutes. The coconut cream rises to the top and can be skimmed off .
• Using a cheesecloth, strain the remaining liquid to extract the First Extract Milk. I will abbreviate it as FEM in my future posts.
• By repeating the process ,the coconut milk becomes thinner and we call it The Second Extract Milk abbreviated SEM .
• Store for use.
Thin coconut milk can be used in making curries and soups.
When cooking food , normally the SEM is added first, then when the dish is nearly dry, the thick and creamy FEM is added.
All the best in the kitchen .

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