Dishes and snacks You might want to taste during your stay in Mombasa

Besides the sandy beaches ,hot and humid climate and the preserved culture among the locals ,the Kenyan coast is also well known for the best dishes and snacks there is around here. The food game alone is enough to make you want to travel to Mombasa county. With the SGR (Standard Gauge railway ) already completed and the government set to bring an additional 6 or so inter-County trains , I think this is the time to book a ticket to Mombasa especially if you’ve never been there.
Below is a few dishes and snacks that you should definitely try out. I must also advise that the street food is the best in matters tasting. That’s because you can try out a lot of the dishes in the same place. And yes the street food is safe and really tasty.
1) Mkate wa sinia (Rice bread)
It translates to the bread of the platter .Its baked the same way you’d bake your cake, except the Rice flour replaces the cake or wheat flour. It’s a better breakfast option that is readily available in supermarkets .However it’s an easy to prepare dish .The recipe is here.

2) Mahamri (Swahili Buns)
Mahamri are better versions of the widely known mandazi .Coconut milk is added and the Iliki (cardamoms) simply enhance the taste and aroma.

3) Samosa
Pastry wrappers stuffed with spicy beef or vegetables .By squeezing some lime juice, you will enjoy even more. I love eating my samosa in the morning. You can enjoy yours too .or at least try it out .

4) Biryani
The Swahili biryani is something to crave for. It screams Colour and spices .if you are a first timer at the coast, make a point of trying the Chicken Biryani .I can guarantee sweetness.
5) Pilau (Spicy Rice)
Pilau is rice mixed with some meat or vegetables and spices .

6) Bhajias
My all time favorite snack. Potatoes sliced up, battered with seasoning and deep fried and served with some tomato sauce.

7) Viazi Karai (fried potatoes)
Boiled potatoes cut into small cubes and deep fried in shallow basin (hence the name karai )They taste better with some Ukwaju (Tamarind sauce).

8) Sea food
The octopus, prawns and Salmon are our absolute favorites. You don’t want to leave the coast without trying some fish from the ocean or some prawns. 😉

9) Mchuzi wa kuku (chicken curry)
Swahili chicken is cooked in coconut milk with a little yellow colour and spices added. I think this is the best dish ever created. I serve mine with some hot Rice.
10) Mabuyu
These are baobab seeds that are sweetened and coloured, yellow, green, red .
11) Labania
Beige colour creamy snack that costs anywhere between  KES 30-KES 50.
12) Kashata
Kite shaped snack made of coconut, food colouring and sugar .The price ranges from KES 5 – KES 20 per piece. Really cheap, right? Then please be sure to taste it.
13) Achari
Really tasty dried mangoes that are sweetened and some times colored .The un coloured ones are usually yellow . You can find these cheaply at Marikiti.

14) Kachiri

These are crisps made out of Cassava. If you happen to walk along Mama ngina drive, don’t hesitate to buy yourself a pack. You can squeeze some lime juice and add some pepper to make it tastier.


Any other snacks or dishes you wish I’d add in the list. Please let me know in the comments section below and I’ll add it to the list . TIA.
All the best trying out the dishes and snacks.

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