Rice Pancakes (Vibibi)

So I ditched my regular pancakes made of wheat flour and eggs when I was served with these special ones called “vibibi”in a Swahili household. Yes making them is a lengthy process but I promise it’s totally worth it.


• 1 tablespoon Yeast
• ½ kilo Rice flour
Coconut milk. ¼ cup FEM and enough SEM for a heavy batter.
• ¼ kilo sugar
• 3 ground cardamoms (Iliki)
• ½ cup ghee.

1) Dissolve Yeast in a little warm water with a pinch of sugar.
2) Keep it in a warm place.
3) Blend the Rice flour with SEM. Mix sugar, FEM, cardamoms and Yeast.
4) Cover and keep it in a warm place till it rises to double the original size.
5) Heat a frying pan with a little ghee.
6) When the ghee is hot, pour in the blended batter and spread evenly with a spoon over the pan. The size of the pancakes and thickness are one’s preference. Mine are almost always the size of the pan and about ½” thick.
7) Cook till the side is golden brown and turn over the second side.
8) Repeat the process until the batter is all used up or till there is enough pancakes for the entire family .
You can choose to serve hot with some fried meat ,fish or Tea.


Enjoy your pancakes .

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My name is Maureen but you can call me Mo. I am an entrepreneur, amateur photographer, content creator, coffee addict and blogger who is obsessed with Books, Food and Design of all kinds. If I'm not writing about my fascination with Food, Books, Crafts, Travel and Design, I'm here talking about my Crazy Health issues ranging from Mental health to my most recent diagnosis and treatment plan. I hope you stick around a while! 

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