Cry Baby. You’re Only Human

You may be feeling emotional today. But guess what? You’re allowed to. You’re only normal. You’re only human.
Sometimes we are happy, sometimes sad and other times exhilarated.

Some people cry while reading a sad book, watching sad or romantic movies. Others cry at funerals and others at weddings. And for certain people, the mere hint of anything that arouses emotions can cause tears to flow.

Emotions are a normal process of being human and everyone processes theirs differently.

I have been super-emotional for as long as I can remember. My mother tells me, I cried over anything as a child. Even a simple stare from a stranger was scary enough to make me cry. But I was a child. And that’s what they do. They cry. Right? But now that I’m older, I tend to think I cry a little too much, a little too often.
I break down in tears when I see someone crying. Literally all the times I’ve seen people crying, I’ve cried too, silently or wept out Loud.
I cry when someone I care about is talking sense to me. I will tear up when my mother or boyfriend(when I’m dating ) is talking to me about anything serious. It could be how they feel, or something happened to them, or their own past experiences and future plans . It doesn’t matter if I’m happy or sad about it. My body responds the same either way.
I weep when I’m in my doctor’s office. I can’t help it. Every time I explain to him how I feel, how I have been doing for the entire month since my last appointment, I break down. I remember the pain I’ve had to endure throughout the month and cry even more. When he tries to calm me down, I “increase the volume”. Thankfully, he understands it’s an emotional response and he let’s me have my moment until I’m ready to talk to him.

Besides having an immediate emotional response,there could be other reasons for being a cry baby. See, I’m not a Medic per se, (at least not yet) but I literally live on Google and tend to believe I deserve a honorary Medicine degree from Google. I have learnt that Depression and anxiety, genetics, lack of sleep, stress and other big life changes can push someone to be a big cry baby.

I know I might be a little too sensitive now that I have so many chronic issues to deal with. Chronic illness has been tied to depression and anxiety disorders for a long time. People with chronic illnesses will therefore cry more often due to the mood flactuation. If you have chronic illness and always feel so sensitive, don’t beat yourself up. Remember that it’s totally normal. You may feel both positive and negative emotions more deeply than others. But you are human.
However, If you have symptoms of depression or anxiety, or emotional responses that don’t feel right, or anything out of the norm, don’t try to tough it out alone. Mood disorders can have a negative impact on every part of your life. Especially when you’re a chronic illness patient. This includes your relationships, work, or school.

Talk to your doctor. Your doctor may refer you to a psychiatrist or therapist who specializes in working with people who have mood disorders. You can also reach out to your support groups and most likely, someone will offer to help you. You can as well share a comment down below and I’ll get back to you. From one patient to another ☺ ☺ ☺.
Also, in other news, I’m currently mourning the Retired President of the Republic of Kenya.😭😭😭 Someone I have mostly only read about in history books. But He was a great man _I’ll take my mother’s word for it.

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My name is Maureen but you can call me Mo. I am an entrepreneur, amateur photographer, content creator, coffee addict and blogger who is obsessed with Books, Food and Design of all kinds. If I'm not writing about my fascination with Food, Books, Crafts, Travel and Design, I'm here talking about my Crazy Health issues ranging from Mental health to my most recent diagnosis and treatment plan. I hope you stick around a while! 

One thought on “Cry Baby. You’re Only Human

  1. Hey
    I really loved your article and I can relate so much on the part of being over sensitive ,its like you are channeling people’s emotions most of the time ,and sometimes they even consume me ,but overtime I have learnt to block of people’s feelings especially negative ones.


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