5 Tips to choosing a perfect blog name

When I started my blog in March of 2014, I didn’t give my blog’s name much importance as all I wanted was a free writing pad that would also come with free storage for my awesome awesome posts. I originally settled with the name ‘Moresmilesdaily’.

A few years in, I decided to take a different route as I got to a dead end with my writing ideas for my original niché. I haven’t taken a poll or anything but I know a lot of bloggers that have changed their mind about their original blog names and changed them altogether and some that would change theirs in a heart beat given an opportunity. I have lost count to the number of times I’ve changed mine. It has literally evolved. From Moresmilesdaily to Mohs kitchen, to Mohkem Empire and many many others before I settled for my current Pastel Petals.

While it’s okay to be consistent with one name, you’ll realize that as you evolve, and learn the rules of the game, you’ll want more opportunities and nothing speaks to your potential readers like an easier to pronounce blog name.

If you’re just starting out or thinking about starting your own blog or even business, then you can take your time beforehand and brainstorm about your blog name. Here are a 5 pointers that will help you avoid the mistakes I’ve made in my own blogging journey.


1). Your niché

What is it that you want to write about? If you’re going to be sharing recipes or reading books or traveling, crafts or blogging tips or something, think about it in that line and name your blog accordingly. My own blog is about design, food, DIY and crafts and my personal health – my magical colorful world. I needed to think of a big broader blog name that would cover all these hence Pastel Petals.

2). By all means, find a unique name. Research, research and research some more. Find a unique name or combo that will well describe your blog. A unique name can also help readers remember you, and we all strive to be memorable and retain our readers by having them come back for more posts. The shorter and easier it is to spell the better. You can Google your way through this search. Use the generators to find the best name possible and you’ll be on your way to build your own unique brand. Your blog name plays a monumental role in a brand’s growth and perception, meaning it can completely make or break your blog.

3). Research the availability of your name and preferred domain. Honestly, if you can do this as your first step, you will save yourself a lot of time and avoid unnecessary anxiety. There’s nothing worse than being excited about a name then just as you’re ready to use it, you realize that it’s url is taken huh! I’ll break down.

4). Ask around. Before I settled, I had to ask around a lot. I asked my inner circle of friends that would help me out and they turned out so helpful. Since everyone will have their own opinions, just sample them up and come up with something out of it. You can consider combining a few of the keywords that they shared.

5). Use your name. I’ve used my name before and I had to let go of it as it wasn’t working for me. I considered that I might want to sell my blog someday and one that bears my name would be a tough one. So I chose to rebrand without my name. If you’re not sure of the niche you want to get into or if your blog will be about you and your interests then by all means you go for it. Ultimately all that matters is that you end up loving what you create. All the best.

What other tips do you have for choosing a perfect blog name? Do any of you regret the blog name you currently have?

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My name is Maureen but you can call me Mo. I am an entrepreneur, amateur photographer, content creator, coffee addict and blogger who is obsessed with Books, Food and Design of all kinds. If I'm not writing about my fascination with Food, Books, Crafts, Travel and Design, I'm here talking about my Crazy Health issues ranging from Mental health to my most recent diagnosis and treatment plan. I hope you stick around a while! 

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