Over the years, I’ve learnt and un learnt the art of blogging. I’ve fallen along the way, picked myself up, dusted myself up and had to do it over and over again.

I remember when I first started my blog and I thought it was going to be all smooth…then I quickly realised that I needed to have more than just my writing skills. I needed content, I needed a tough mind and heart, it required too much time that I couldn’t afford as I was a student back then and so I neglected my blog for months at a time, sometimes for years even.

It failed. I failed over and over again. I had to keep going back to the drawing board after every few months and this is exhausting, I must admit. I’ve lost count of the number of times I’ve wanted to delete my blog and forget about it altogether but couldn’t because I was already attached to it and so I had to keep the act going. Honestly, I even once fell into depression because I wasn’t achieving much, but most importantly, I found my way back to sanity, good riddance.

While starting a blog can be a really good deal if you make use of all the resources available, it can be a handful if you’re just starting and have high expectations about itThis is the point of my blog post today. My goal isn’t to talk you out of starting a blog but rather to remind you of what it takes so you know what to expect if and when you do start one.


Hard work. I started blogging so I could showcase my writing skills. I was obsessed with blogging as most bloggers I knew made it seem beautiful and glamorous. While it was easier for me to put my feelings into words, blogging quickly drained me and I soon realized it required more than just the writing skills. I always thought it would mean working less for me, but the amount of work that is needed to eventually have your blog up and read-worthy is unbelievable. No one even bothered to tell me it would be hard work. No one even mentioned it meant less sleep as I always found myself burning the midnight oil writing something or designing something related to my blog. I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but if you can’t handle your own anxiety, too much work and less sleep, then by all means, don’t start that blog honey.

You think blogging is a get rich quick scheme. I’ve stated here before that I started my blog as a hobby and to date, I still have no plans to monetize it. I want to keep enjoying the art of writing while it lasts. Most of us however, get into the blog space with this image of rich bloggers in mind and when you don’t get the money, you end up frustrated. I’m going to be the kind blogging sister I am, and ask you not to expect too much from this space. Most of the rich bloggers out here, invested their time, money, sleep and even sacrificed their careers to be able to concentrate on blogging as it is, don’t let them push your anxiety buttons darling.

You think blogging is a cheap investment. Besides being a hobby, blogging is a business. Just like any business, blogging requires you to have a start up investment. The only way around it is signing up for a free WP account that comes with a free domain and that can only be maximised as a hobby and not a business. As a business therefore, when you start a blog, your domain will be the first of your expenses. You will also need to pay for hosting. Whoop! Money keeps going out. Everything else including logo design costs money. Maximising on different blogging apps like Canva also costs money and that is just annually. If you don’t pay your next year subscriptions, the service is pulled down from your site. Nothing comes easy!

No fixed income. Even though, the income generating aspect of blogging requires a lot of hard work, time and sacrifice of sleep, it does eventually come through for some lucky people. However, blogging has no fixed income, it all depends on the amount of work you get done and the time you dedicate to it.

Blogging requires some form of creativity. For starters, if you are going to be the sole-writer of your blog space, then you are going to need a creative mind. You will find yourself having to learn how to use different apps (I’ll talk about these in my next post) that will save your life in the blogging world. You will need to have a creative mind to design graphics, to take your own pictures to showcase in your blog etc. Most beginner bloggers assume they don’t need any skills whatsoever and end up failing to catch up.

Blogging world changes constantly. Blogging today isn’t exactly what it was a few years ago when I first started. It has evolved so much that these days all you need is a Facebook page and you’re good to go. You have to be fast at changing with the trends as well. We’ve seen Canva take over the graphic designing in the blog space and things keep changing. If you’re not social media savvy, all I can advise you is that stay off blogging as the trends will render you irrelevant.

You want to travel for free. If you’re anything like me, you have probably looked at the travel or food bloggers who keep travelling from place to place, nationally or internationally, seeing all their adventures and fallen in love with the idea of doing what they do. Of course, I’d love to travel for free too. I’d love to go around sampling different cuisines worldwide for free. I’m here with bad news again, if you want to travel, do it. But if you think blogging is going to set you on the road, I’m sorry. Successful bloggers do enjoy travel freebies such as hotel stays, show tickets and excursions of course in exchange for blog posts and advertising. However, I have found out that most bloggers pay for many of their travel expenses themselves just so they can share their experiences with their own readers in their own time and on their own terms.  

Blogging is a lonely pursuit. Besides the many pitfalls to starting and maintaining a blog, blogging is a very lonely ride. Most of us bloggers prefer to blog from our homes because either we can’t afford to rent an office space or just because we enjoy our own company. Working from home can be incredibly lonely if you’re not introverted like myself. You find yourself going for days without saying a word to anyone and if you can’t handle that kind of human disconnection, then by all means, don’t start that blog.

Over use of social media impacts mental health. While the positive aspects of connecting with our audiences can help with social anxiety, bloggers and other social media users have the habit of comparing themselves to their seemingly successful Peers and comparisons and negative interactions relate to higher levels of depression and anxiety. Successful bloggers may make it look easy, but we rarely see what’s going on behind the scenes. If you haven’t yet jumped into the bandwagon, think about it first.

So…do you still want to start the blog?

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My name is Maureen but you can call me Mo. I am an entrepreneur, amateur photographer, content creator, coffee addict and blogger who is obsessed with Books, Food and Design of all kinds. If I'm not writing about my fascination with Food, Books, Crafts, Travel and Design, I'm here talking about my Crazy Health issues ranging from Mental health to my most recent diagnosis and treatment plan. I hope you stick around a while! 


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