7 blogging mistakes I made in my first year of blogging and how you can avoid them

Ladies and gentlemen, it’s me again.

Starting a blog is easy. Getting traffic to your blog posts is the harder part of blogging.

We have all made mistakes in our blogging journey and some of us have even learnt from those same mistakes. What’s worse? Looking back and realizing all the mistakes you’ve made.

Tell you what? I’ve made mistakes that have cost me money, time and even loyal blog followers. I look back and my eyes get teary when I realize that in fact all of the mistakes I made, could have been avoided if I only used my brain well.

As a newbie blogger, you’re likely to make the same mistakes I did or more Some extremely petty that they are embarrassing to list here. But I’ll try to compile some of my own blogging mistakes so you can learn from them.

So, here are the 7 blogging mistakes I made in my first year of blogging…

Mistake#1 Not creating a consistent brand

Sure, you need to choose a perfect blog name that will more than anything grow with you. But creating a brand image is important in this business for so many reasons and creating a consistent brand image is by all means more important. I remember when I first started and I couldn’t figure out what colour combo or fonts I was interested in and every time I logged into Canva, I had to think of a brand new image design from scratch and that was exhausting.

I learnt the hard way that creating my blog images should be as easy as ABC, otherwise I would have to pay heavily for it. If only I had figured this out sooner, I would have saved my precious time that I heavily invested into this blog.

The solution: Before launching that blog, besides choosing a blog name, decide on a colour scheme, font combinations and the stock photo site that you will be using. Plop all the information into your Canva account and you’re good to go.

Mistake#2 Not identifying my target audience

The biggest mistake bloggers make is to blog without defining a target audience. A target audience is any group of people who are most likely interested in your ideas or whatever you have to offer.

Blogging about food brands will attract parents for instance as they are most likely to be interested in the nutrition value of the brand and how they can benefit their families.

The solution: Go where your audience is. Ensure you’re selling the right product or service to the right audience.

Mistake#3 Not blogging consistently

One of the main reasons why people come back to your blog is because of the fresh content you deliver.

When I started my blog in 2014, I’d write like one blog post a month or once in several months. This inconsistency has over the years costed me a huge ton of traffic and I’m yet to recover from it.

 Often times, when we have quite a chunk of content already available, we assume it’s enough to keep readers hooked hence forget that we need to entice the readers back to the site again. This puts your site traffic in a downward spiral. Truth is, if you want to get more blog traffic, you have to blog more as more content equals more value.  

Solution: Always have fresh content for your readers to keep them entertained and hanging around for as long as possible. Remember, more content equals more value for your blog.

Inconsistent writing is often a result of another problem; Poor content planning which leads me to mistake #4.

Mistake#4 Not scheduling my ideas

When I started blogging, I remember how content flowed easily and so I kept writing and writing and writing. I wrote a ridiculous amount of content and posted it at any time as I could. Content planning wasn’t something I even thought of. Then a harsh blogger burnout hit me hard and forced me off the blogging scene for a while.

I know now that if I had created a sustainable blog schedule, I would have beaten the burnout and still maintained every bit of the traffic that I lost during the long breaks.

Solution: Have a realistic blog schedule. Use an editorial calendar if you can to plan all of your content. That way, you don’t experience blogger burnout and you don’t run out of ideas as well.

Mistake#5 Not promoting blog content

I mentioned earlier that I regret not planning my content and not creating a schedule for my blog early enough. Truth is, content planning wasn’t as big a mistake as not promoting my blog posts. I didn’t bother to share my posts nearly enough or even at all. I just posted them and sat back and waited for the magic. If I only knew that the magic was all on social medial and Pinterest then I would have avoided this particular mistake.

Solution: Well, obviously I can’t exactly go back in time and fix this problem now. But I know better now and my recommendation to you is that you learn from my mistake.

Spend as much time and money promoting each blog post as you spend writing it. Make use of social media and the magic tool we call PINTEREST and you’ll never regret anything.

Mistake#6 Publicizing my blog too soon

Introducing your blog to the world is important. Just don’t do it too soon. Ensure you have a few blog posts and essential pages up before you can make it public. Otherwise, a blog with just one post is useless as readers won’t take you seriously enough.

Solution: Publish a few posts first before making the blog public. Otherwise, hide it behind the coming soon banner.

Mistake#7 Not growing an e-mail list

I started growing an e-mail list after about 3 years of blogging and managed to gain a number of subscribers. I keep wondering how many I’d have by now if I had started the list when I started my blog.

Solution: Go thee into the blogging world with an e-mail list ready so you can create that community from the beginning. All the best.

Also read “Things I wish someone had told me before I launched my blog” to understand where all my mistakes started.

That said, … did you make any of the mistakes I made?

What are other major blogging mistakes that you wish you could have avoided?

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