10 Must have Android Apps every blogger needs

Blogging is an easy way to express yourself and share your thoughts on different topics. Over the years, as I learnt the art of blogging, I’ve learnt so much more than I’d ever learn anywhere else in the world. Some bloggers have been so helpful in guiding me through it all. Talk of internet strangers that turned best friends 😍 😍 😍.
With huge amounts of technological innovation in this century, the internet has been an easy way to reach out to other people. Now, with mobile phone usage on the rise as you can see even toddlers with mobile devices, I have had to learn to use a few life saving apps while on it.
So, I thought I’d share a few of the apps I use on my phone that have saved my blog.
I have to mention also that this post is not sponsored. I am just mentioning the apps I have tried and tested.
Here are the 10 apps I use on my phone that are useful for bloggers.
1). WordPress
If you’re blogging on the WordPress site, you can really use the WordPress app on your phone. It gives you all the stats and features real time. Hell, you can even update and create new posts from the phone app. This is a life saver especially when I want to update my blog and I haven’t carried my laptop with me.

2). Canva
If you’re a blogger and haven’t heard about Canva, I suggest you just delete your account and start a fresh.
One app that literally saved my life and money. I am passionate about design of all forms now thanks to this specific app. Before I knew about it, I would find someone to help me with the design if I needed even something as little as a Logo. How Canva works, you need just basic knowledge of graphic design, everything else is built-in for your advantage. You choose the template you want to use and enjoy the process as you go. Hurray, Lifesaver.

3). Google Keep notes
Honesty, before I found out that my android app had this app built-in, I spent so much time researching and using bogus notes apps that would crush whenever they wanted to. I was frustrated so many times when I tried to retrieve so much of my content that had crushed with the apps to no success. Then one time in my desperate attempts to recover my notes, I Googled my way into Keep Notes and I’ve not looked back since.

4). Pinterest
I know Pinterest should have been my number one as I speak about it alot and the amount of time I spend on the app is ridiculously alot. It took me some time to understand the importance of Pinterest even though I’ve had an account since 2015. I only recently converted my personal account to a business account and it’s been working for me. How it works, you create pins, save other people’s pins to relevant boards, connect your pins to your blog and when one clicks on an image, they are redirected to the blog to read more. I’ll explain about the Pinterest algorithm in a future post.

5). Google Drive
This allows me to store all of my documents and sync with all my devices. Anytime I’m working on a new post and Ieave it unfinished, I can always get to finish it on my phone. Such simple life.

6). SwiftKey Keyboard
This is everyone’s favorite app. We all loathe making simple typo mistakes and looking like uneducated fools online and when texting our friends.
This Keyboard does not only auto-correct your typos, it also offers word predictions based on your past typing activities. Heck, you can even personalize your word predictions by asking the keyboard to learn your choice of words on all the platforms you’re on. Thanks technology!
7). Pixabay
As a blogger, experienced or newbie, there will come a time when you can’t find the right image to place in a blog post. That moment when all the images you have ever taken on your own don’t just match the topic at all. That’s when you notice that other people’s images can really help you out. And since paying too much money for such things is ridiculous at the moment as a newbie, you’ll definitely prefer to use free images. Pixabay provides that luxury. You get to use other people’s professional images for free. What’s more? You don’t even have to give credit for them. Hurray!

8). Writer
Most bloggers that blog using their mobile devices often get distracted by their phone notifications and end up doing nothing at all at the end of the day.
Writer was built to solve that distraction issue by increasing the writer’s productivity. It is basically a Word processor that provides a distraction-free work environment within your mobile device so you can solely concentrate on creating your magic.

9). Photo Editor
Smartphones saved us all from having to either purchase a high end camera or hire someone to take quality pictures of us for our blog. Now that we can take on the go pictures, we need to make them blog ready by editing, adding captions and texts, resizing, cropping, effects and adding drawings and doodles to our images and this app saves the day for most of us.

10). WhatsApp
This is one of the most under-rated apps in the blogging world. I tend to believe that since most of my family and friends have my phone number saved, I can easily share with them my posts once I’ve published them. After I hit the publish button, I copy the link to the post and share it to my WhatsApp status and request everyone to read and share the link with their friends as well. And just like that, you’re building a community of readers without even trying too hard.

And that ladies and gentlemen are a few of the apps in my phone that keep me Sane. What’s more? They are all free.
Do you have experience using the above apps or with any other apps outside of this list that you’d like to share with us? Feel free to share in the comments section below.

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