LETTER TO MY EXTENDED FAMILY – who think I’m just Lazy.

You all say I’m lazy. But what you don’t know is, every new day brings a new set of issues for me. Some days I can’t get out of bed. Not that I’m lazy, but because I’m Sick. Sick of Living.

Do you know I have Chronic pain, Endometriosis, PCOS-that also causes my Insulin resistance and chronic fatigue syndrome? I want you to know that some days I am not excited about life. I just try to survive. I want to be Okay like your children. I want to see my dreams come true, I want to advance my education – I want to make Mama proud. But I need to Stop feeling Sick first.

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Meat Pasties.

I’m sorry it’s been long since I last showed off my cooking skills. I have been pretty busy but it’s nothing political. Politics is not my thing. I’ll stick to my lane. Food. Today I decided to try out something really nice. “vikate vya nyama.”  It’s such a lengthy process but I promise it’s totally […]

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